At TandemBooks, we get to work with multiple accounting solutions, and none come close to QuickBooks on all aspects.

Here are the top 10 reasons why TandemBooks LOVES QuickBooks Online.

Your numbers — LIVE

LIVE Instant access to your accounting books from anywhere. Sounds like a given, but it’s not. You can track your income, expenses, remittances, and more in real time from your office, your home and even on the road. Now that’s flexibility.

No Back-up needed.

Let QuickBooks Online worry about the back-ups and the security of your confidential data. QuickBooks Online takes care of always making your finance available as long as you have internet access (internet access not included 😉 — you can’t have it all!)

Access to the Data

Your team needs access to your books? No problem. With QuickBooks Online, you can share access with others simply by providing them with a user ID and password and then… Voilà! Direct access to the books is granted. You want someone outside of your organization (like your accountant) to access your books? It’s easy. Simply provide them with a restricted or all access account.

You’re never stuck with QuickBooks Online.

You need help. You’re not sure how to do something or you simply want to find a better way to do a task? Fantastic! The QuickBooks Online team is there to help via Intuit’s online help desk. Simply login to the help desk with your user license and get direct access to someone live that can help. With dedicated expert guidance from QuickBooks certified ProAdvisors, you are never alone. Smart advice and help to grow your business are just a click away.

Tracking your expenses with ease.

With QuickBooks Online you can easily keep track of your business expenses so you can save time, not receipts. With a “click” and “save”, you always know exactly where you stand. Organize receipts with a snap, connect your bank account and stay ahead. Let us demo this for you.

They call it a dashboard; we call it the command centre.

he perfectly designed dashboard makes it easy to view all your financial information swiftly so you can get back to business quickly. QuickBooks Online handles multiple complex tasks in one place. With your business accounting, time tracking, and payroll, all synced right under your eyes. If you want us to give you a guided tour of the command centre, we’re in!

Integrated Tax Tacking

Remittance time is always fun with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online automatically tracks all the sales tax for you, making it super easy. It’s always a click, review and send scenario each time.

Invoicing is fun, but getting paid fast is even better.

See your hard work pay off. QuickBooks Online offers your clients many different options to pay your invoices. You can even offer on-line payments directly through QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online automatically organizes all your payment, so you can focus on more billable work 😊 (what matters).

Keep your suppliers happy with the QuickBooks Online 2-day direct deposit!

Always pay on time with the FREE 2-day direct deposit and reconcile your books without delay. Suppliers will be raving about you and how you pay them so fast. You might even get better pricing from them too.

Say goodbye to your endless inventory days.

QuickBooks is way more than accounting. It also tracks inventory live for you. No more endless weekend and night counting widgets. What are you going to do with all that free time? Let’s talk.

QuickBooks everywhere…

We mean… anywhere, anytime! All the features are in the palm of your hands. Use your smartphone or tablet so you can work on the go.
Yes. It’s included in your subscription. No, the smartphone or tablet is not.


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