Steps for Year-End Preparation for a Corporation
January 11, 2021

Steps for Year-End Preparation for a Corporation

If you are a Canadian resident and own a corporation in Canada, you are obligated to prepare a corporate income tax return (T2). When you report your first corporate return, you must declare a year end. One of the benefits of incorporating is that you can choose any date in the calendar year to be

How to Prepare Your Taxes if You are Self-Employed
January 4, 2021

Steps You can Take to Prepare for Year-End as a Self-Employed Individual

Working for yourself has its benefits, but when it comes to calculating your taxes, you may run into a few challenges. If you are self-employed and need to prepare your income tax return, figuring out how to claim various business-related expenses may not always be as straight-forward as reporting your income if you are a