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Sarah Savard

Sarah Savard (On Maternity Leave)

Prior to joining Tandembooks Inc. in 2020, I gained many years of accounting and bookkeeping experience both in college, wherein I completed a few accounting and bookkeeping classes, and in the work field, where I worked for 9 years in tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll processing.

My passion for always learning new skills has brought me to attend the Western Quebec Career Centre to advance my accounting knowledge. I am also completing courses to become a Payroll Compliance Practitioner with the Canadian Payroll Association.

My 9 years background in accounting and bookkeeping has taught me to be detail-oriented, organized, develop strong analytical and problem solving skills. All of which allows the client to focus more on the day to day operations of their business, making more informed decisions regarding their finances and the growth of their business. My clients’ satisfaction with my work throughout my career has been a strong indicator that what I do as a bookkeeper matters and provides peace of mind.

Besides my professional passions, I am personally passionate about advocating for social justice and human rights, specifically feminist issues. I am an avid reader and like to stay updated on global affairs.

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