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Nathalie Pepin

Nathalie Pepin

I have over 30 years of experience in the accounting industry and have now moved to a supervisor position with TandemBooks Inc. which is one of my biggest professional accomplishments.

My education has provided me with the basis in which I needed to start my career. Over the years I have obtained various trainings and courses to become more proficient. However, personal experiences in my various work settings have allowed me to become a strong problem solver and learned to work with different teams and work environments.

I am most passionate about problem solving and helping coworkers with the same and having a positive team and work environment. I am also good at minute tasks that require patience, detail, and intricate work. I am very patient in showing, explaining, and helping my coworkers or others in general which makes me a good team player!

I often solve various questions depending on the situation/area, finding imbalances, missing information and guide them.

I’ve often been complimented on my patience, my positiveness, my willingness to be there and help others, my teamwork, how thorough and well my work is done. I love working with clients who are open and willing to listen, accept my help and advice. I am always willing to help and serve others with an open mind and extreme patience.

Besides my passion for what I do, I love spending time with my family which is my biggest personal accomplishment. I also enjoy the outdoors and camping, rewarding myself with vacations alongside my husband.

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